“Warren’s IELTS preparation is a very well laid out course that gives candidates the opportunity to face the exam with useful specific strategies in all tasks of the exam. I found it very enriching from the first class and I marked a pretty good score thanks to Warren’s tips and feedback. In my opinion the best asset to this course its the possibility to track individual progress from class 1 until the end of it by means of simulation exams and feedback on how to improve band scores according to each candidate’s capabilities.”

Andres A., IELTS Preparation Student

I took several classes with Warren to prepare for the IELTS exam. I think that he is a very good teacher because he has different learning methods that help a lot to prepare for the IELTS.

I enjoyed every class, because they were interactive and dynamic, and Warren focuses on what I really need to improve.
Without his help I would never have reached the results that I got.
I fully recommend Warren as a teacher, and as a guide in the IELTS exam, you’ll have no regrets!

Maria Luna C., IELTS Preparation Student

Thanks Warren for being part of my learning process.  I recommend him as an excellent alternative to improve your skills in Spanish or English. Regardless the level you are, he is the teacher!

Cesar S., English for General Purposes Student

“I took classes with Warren to prepare myself for the TOEFL. It was a great learning experience where I was able to experience in real life scenarios what the test looks like and its methodology.  Thanks to Warren´s professionalism, academic coaching and great advice, I was able to work on the areas in which I needed improvement. As a result, I not only felt very confident when presenting the test, but I also got a great score that will allow me to apply for several academic and professional programs. I am sure that the classes were a big part of this successful outcome!”



Anonymous., Business English Writing and TOEFL Preparation Student

El Profe Warren enseña tips esenciales del idioma,  las clases no siempre son las mismas. Aprende uno de una persona nativa, que se expresa muy bien en nuestro idioma.

Andres G., English for General Purposes

“I had a class with Warren to prepare myself for the IELTS, focusing especially on the speaking section of the text.

I found his methods of teaching very clear and his advice was very helpful for me to prepare myself mentally for what I’d be facing on the actual day of the test. Even though I was confident enough about my English level, I found that the way we practiced the speaking part, the types of questions that he chose and the dynamics gave me the confidence I needed to take the test with a good idea of what would be expected of me.

With his help, I managed to get the highest score in this section, which I didn’t expect at all. I strongly recommend him as a teacher, especially if you’re interested in getting prepared for these types of tests.”

Juliana P., IELTS Preparation Student

I have been a student of Warren Ray’s beginning and intermediate Spanish Classes. I highly recommend him for his enthusiasm, well organized class content, his non intimidating relaxed classroom environment in which to make lots of mistakes! and for his commitment to teaching Spanish to English speakers.

His classes are upbeat, interactive, challenging and comprehensive. Warren has an easy going disposition that makes learning languages fun and he has the ability to connect with all ages of people from all walks of life.

He easily translates his love of Spanish languages and cultures to his students and he provides opportunities for his students to get involved beyond the classroom in community endeavors, conversation groups, online resources, books etc that are related to language learning. Warren is committed to helping his students succeed and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning how to speak Spanish.

Sharon T.

“Warren has also demonstrated remarkable skills in community building. He consistently listened to others and asked the right questions to prompt student engagement. We both are retired teachers and we recognized his appreciation of what learning truly is. He models his expectations for students and we worked through tasks with clear purpose. He is a man of strong ethic and he enjoys what he does. We believe he demonstrates a young person’s energy with an older person’s wisdom.”

Trina and Trapper B.

“Warren is a great encourager to his students, who have the highest retention rate of any Spanish class at Nashville Community Education. More students than any previous semester continued on from Spanish Level 1 to Spanish Level 2 in order to keep learning with Warren.”

Lauren Z.

“I took Beginner and Intermediate level classes taught by Warren at the Nashville Community Education Center. I loved his classes. Warren is very personable, accommodating and encouraging. He has very good command over the language and also has excellent teaching skills and strategies. He put together very good material for the class and helped us stay on track with his innovative methods. I would absolutely love to take classes with Warren in the future and would recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning Spanish. His energy and enthusiasm for Spanish is infectious.”

Srivatsan P., Ph.D.