Spring means Strikes in Spain — Today: Massive Strike in Barcelona

Today the Supreme Court will be ending its 3-day hearing of a law that serves to make Americans healthier people in a cost effective way.  Opponents of the law are on the steps of the Supreme Court holding banners calling the Affordable Care Act “socialism,” that the government is “butting-in” individual’s rights, and that this “government-takeover” is fueled by greed.

Meanwhile in Barcelona…..


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Sunday Photos — Flamenco at El Palau de la Música

For me it was a bit strange watching flamenco in such a luxurious place.  The name, Palau de la Música, literally means “Palace of Music.”  Flamenco, which is principally Andalusian, was everywhere in Granada.  But it’s gypsy music!  The very first time I saw flamenco, in fact, was when a troupe of 4 gypsies came into a bar in Granada to dance Flamenco for tips.

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Life’s in the Street

La vida está en la calle. 

In Barcelona, life happens in the street.  Home is a place for quite, for stillness, but everything happens outside.  One of my favorite Spanish things is taking two hours to finish a coffee.  On a nice day, it’s beautiful to sit on a terrace with your coffee, sit in the sun, watch the people or read a newspaper.

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