Thinking of studying abroad? The Four Components

I’ve spent a lot of time in recent weeks wondering how exactly I would describe a “study abroad.”  Now that I carry almost 3 months in Barcelona, it doesn’t strike me to walk past Gaudi’s famous Casa Batlló every morning after getting out of the metro.  I’m no barcelone, but neither do I feel like a tourist anymore.  I’m a foreigner, but Barcelona is a house that is becoming a home.  So WTF is this study abroad business!?!?

A study abroad is no vacation.  Before you depart kind and thoughtful wellwishers bid you safe travels and a happy adventure reflecting on previous trips they may have taken.  They tell you “You’ll have the adventure of a lifetime!”  But a study abroad is more a trip than a vacation, and can sometimes be more a challenge than a pleasure.  Rather, a study abroad is what it says: [1] you study [2] abroad.  Study isn’t limited limited to academics.  Instead there are four aspects:

  1. Language-study
  2. Cultural-study
  3. Self-study
  4. Academic-study

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