Private Lessons

If you’re interested in lessons that are personalized 100% to fit your needs, this is the best option.  Typically, this option is best for those with busy schedules and who have specific goals for their English development.  After identifying those goals and your areas of improvement, a personalized study-plan will be constructed.

Before starting lessons, we’ll do a comprehensive needs-analysis and assess your English.  How do you use English now: at home or at work?  What percentage of your day is in English?  How do you feel you can best improve?  These questions help us best understand the most effective ways to develop your English.

Typically, students with private lessons have private lessons once or twice per week.  Some students have found that mixing private lessons and virtual lessons is a great solution for them!

This lesson type is ideal for anyone interested in the following courses and services:

  • Business English
  • English for General Purposes
  • IELTS and TOEFL preparation
  • Interview Preparation*

Rates vary depending on the schedule, course type and travel time.

Contact us to get started!

*Interview preparation courses do not involve a needs-analysis or personalized study plan.  Additionally, they are payable per class rather than per four classes as most students preparing for an interview need only one or two classes.  Contact us for an pricing information.

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