Virtual Lessons for Groups and Individuals

If you want quality English lessons without having to leave your home, virtual lessons are a great option for you!  Virtual lessons are done over Skype or Google Hangouts on a schedule that fits your needs.  Moreover, with virtual tools such as Google Documents and screensharing, these lessons sometimes are more effective for the technically-inclined.

Just like traditional private-lessons and group-lessons, virtual classes are completely customized for your needs.  Before beginning, we’ll do a comprehensive needs-analysis and a diagnostic exam.  These results will help us design a personalized curriculum for you.

Students in Bogotá are welcome to mix virtual lessons with private or group lessons, and will receive a 10% discount on their course for doing so.  Contact us for details on this promotion.

Students in other parts of the word are able to advantage of our top-quality teaching through virtual lessons.  These are available for both groups and individuals, and are payable through PayPal (non-negotiable).


Number of Students Price per hour (per student) USD Price per hour (per student) GBP Price per hour (per student) EUR Savings
1 £14 GBP €19 EUR
2 $18 USD £12 GBP €16 EUR 20%
3 – 4 $15 USD £10 GBP €13.50 EUR 31%
5 – 6 $12 USD £8 GBP €10.80 EUR 45%
7 – 8 $9.00 USD £6 GBP €8 EUR

**for classes with more than two students, each student must have access to a computer

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