Free IELTS Speaking Exam Simulation!

One of the most frightening but unique components of the IELTS is the speaking exam.  Unlike other internationally-recognized English tests, the IELTS Speaking Exam is an in-person interview. 

This 11-14 minute conversation will focus on themes from your personal life to issues in society.

It’s impossible to know what you’ll be asked on the speaking exam, but it is possible to know how to shape your answers in order to get the maximum score possible.  

During the month of July, I’m offering free IELTS Speaking Exam simulations ($80.000 COP value!) to students who need to take the IELTS exam.

In this simulation, you’ll have the opportunity to take a complete IELTS speaking exam, as well as receive feedback on how you can improve.

Let me know a bit more about yourself and your goals in the form below, and I’ll contact you so that we can schedule a time for your Speaking Exam Simulation!

Are you taking the IELTS Academic or IELTS General?  Check out my group courses, option for private classes and testimonials from my past IELTS Preparation students.  

Offer terms and conditions: Valid only while supplies last.  Simulations are given in person in the Emprendu co-working office near Andino Mall.  No online/Skype simulations are given.  Applicants who reserve a time-slot and do not arrive will not be able to re-schedule for any reason at all.