IELTS Preparation Bogotá

Anyone will tell you that if you want to travel internationally, you have to have a passport.  But, if you want international travel and international opportunities, a high IELTS score is even more valuable than a passport.  Unlock your future’s potential with success on the IELTS exam!

Growing to 3.5 million exams in 2018, the IELTS is now the world’s most popular English Proficiency Exam.  Use your score for graduation purposes, to study outside of Colombia, to migrate to a new country, or to find a new job.

The IELTS is not an easy exam.  But, it’s not difficult either.  In fact, anyone can take the IELTS – but preparation is key!

Having taught IELTS classes in Bogotá since 2014, I’ve learned one thing: the IELTS does not test your ability to use English; the IELTS tests your ability to take the IELTS.  

Since this is a standardized exam, there are certain elements which are very predictable.  Knowing how the exam works, and how your score is calculated gives you a serious advantage on test day!

The only way to get ready for the IELTS is with focused, targeted and meaningful practice and preparation with an experienced teacher. 

During my years preparing students in Bogotá for the IELTS exam, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.  During the last months, I’ve been working behind the scenes to develop the perfect IELTS program – a program that combines everything students need to get ready for test day.