Best Café Sólo in Barcelona

It took me 11 months, but I finally found the best coffee in Barcelona.  With 1.7 million people, and an opportunity for a café solo every 23 feet, it’s no wonder that it’s difficult!

Before they headed to Berlin to study German, two friends of mine from Belmont stopped by Barcelona.  Fortunately, they stumbled upon El Magnífico, a quite impressive coffeeshop with a location in Diagonal and El Borne.

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How to Make Pan con Tomate AKA Pa amb Tomàquet AKA Delicious Tomato Bread

The final, delicious product

Tomato bread is typical in Cataluña.  Before Barcelona, I had never heard of it (it wasn’t served in Granada), nor had I ever had a fancy for tomatoes.  Now, I’m hooked.  Pa amb tomàquet (the Catalán name) is a typical tapa, but also is used for sandwiches—if you order a ham sandwich, it’ll have smushed tomato on the bread.  It’s a delicious compliment to any meal, and a healthy snack.

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Photoblog — Mercat de la Boqueria

Aside from its fantastic architecture, rich history, world fair and 1992 Olympic site, Barcelona has some beautiful open air markets.

The one most frequented by visitors is La Boqueria.

Located right off Las Ramblas (metro stop L3 Liceau/Drassanes/Plaça Cataluña) it’s a must see for anyone spending time in Barcelona.  Even better, it’s not jam packed with tourists!  You’ll see plenty of locals purchasing their fish, vegetables, meat and embutidos there!

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