Song of the Week: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin

You’ve probably heard the song Don’t Worry, Be Happy before, but did you know that it’s the first accapella song (a song without musical instruments, only singing) to reach number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts?  It held that position for two weeks!

If you listen to the song, you’ll notice there are no instruments that play, it is only Bobby  Bobby McFerrinMcFerrin singing the lyrics, and a separate vocal track that accompanies the lyrics.
Listen to the song three times and do the listening tasks.  If you’re Warren’s student, do the particular listening tasks that have been assigned to you.

First Listening Task: Listen to the song.  What advice does McFerrin offer?  Do you think this song offers good advice? Continue reading

Song of the Week: “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash

Ring of Fire is a song made popular by Johnny Cash.  The song was originally written by June Carter Cash (Johnny Cash’s second wife) and a songwriter called Merle Kilgore.

This song was recorded in 1963 and was the biggest hit of Johnny Cash’s career.

Live version:

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The Importance of English-Language Proficiency in Colombia’s Economic and Business Development

Given the demand for Business English classes in Bogotá, it’s obvious that language proficiency is a desired skill both for employees and employers.  

A growing demand for English proficiency at work is accompanied by increasing foreign investment in Bogotá.  As foreign conceptions of Colombia’s reality shy away from a country riddled by drug production and violence, multinationals are noting Colombia’s potential.  Between 2007 and 2012, 101 companies with foreign capital contributed an average of $432 million USD in investments in Bogotá, generating more than 12,500 jobs.  In 2014, Invest in Bogotá facilitated an investment of $230 million USD from 38 foreign companies, generating nearly 2,000 jobs.   Continue reading

Five Foolproof Tools that Have Made My Teaching Life Easier

Being a freelance teacher isn’t anything easy.  We have to be accountants, salespeople, planners, and marketers while also finding time to be teachers, too!  Despite having to wear many different hats at the same time, its an incredibly rewarding career path.

Lori Greiner wrote, “Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.”  While sometimes that’s incredibly true, 80 hour weeks can be incredibly taxing.  Saving time and staying efficient are key to a successful, happy and balanced career.

Here are five foolproof tools that have helped me stay organized and productive.

1.) CamScanner Android App


If you’re a teacher and don’t have the CamScanner App, you’re really missing out!  CamScanner turns your smartphone’s camera into a scanner.  There’s nothing to it — point, shoot, crop and instant PDF.

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Best Café Sólo in Barcelona

It took me 11 months, but I finally found the best coffee in Barcelona.  With 1.7 million people, and an opportunity for a café solo every 23 feet, it’s no wonder that it’s difficult!

Before they headed to Berlin to study German, two friends of mine from Belmont stopped by Barcelona.  Fortunately, they stumbled upon El Magnífico, a quite impressive coffeeshop with a location in Diagonal and El Borne.

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Review of “Three Cups of Tea”

ImageGreg Mortenson, co-author of Three Cups of Tea and director of the Central Asia Institute, is far from a stranger to the Middle East and the people who call it home.  Mortenson’s 1993 failed attempt to summit K2, the world’s second largest peak, marked the beginning of  a different challenge: to bring peace to the people of the Middle east by turning stones into schools.  Three Cups of Tea recounts his journey, and expands reader’s minds with the turn of every page.

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A Wish for the English Language

Have you ever thought about what language is?  It’s really just a bunch of different sounds put together that form some sort of meaning to two speakers of the same set of sounds. Infants with who develop around speakers of different languages have different babbles and woos and waaaahs.  Pretty amazing that from abstract sounds we come to share meaning with each other.

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Spring means Strikes in Spain — Today: Massive Strike in Barcelona

Today the Supreme Court will be ending its 3-day hearing of a law that serves to make Americans healthier people in a cost effective way.  Opponents of the law are on the steps of the Supreme Court holding banners calling the Affordable Care Act “socialism,” that the government is “butting-in” individual’s rights, and that this “government-takeover” is fueled by greed.

Meanwhile in Barcelona…..


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