IELTS: Should I take the Paper-Based or Computer-Delivered Test?

In 2016, the IELTS Computer-Delivered test rolled out in 20 countries, and now is becoming more and more common in test centers across the globe.  But as the computer-delivered version of the test becomes more common, the question Should I take the Computer-Delivered test or the Paper-Based test becomes more and more frequent among English students.

Both the Paper-Based and Computer-Delivered versions of the test have their pros and cons: The computer-delivered test is offered much more frequently in exam centers, and offers convenience of receiving faster results.  However, the paper-based test offers students a more traditional exam experience.


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Where can I take the IELTS Exam in Bogota?

The IELTS exam is offered in several testing centers in Bogota, offering both the paper-based and computer-based versions of the exam.  The paper-based version of the exam is generally offered once or twice per month, while the computer-based version of the exam is offered several times per week.  Exam spaces are always limited, so be sure to register for your exam with plenty of time to spare.  Don’t miss your graduate school or immigration application deadline because you weren’t able to take the IELTS on time!

There are six official exam centers where you can take the IELTS in Bogota.  Exam centers offer both the Academic and the General Training versions of the IELTS, as well as the UKVI.

British Council

Carrera 9 # 76 – 49, 5th floor / Phone: 325.9090 /

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