Seeking Internationals in Bogotá for Cultural Awareness Course

Seeking collaborators for a course designed to develop Colombian business leaders’ awareness of how business is done outside of Colombia, how they should interact with foreign counterparts, and how to approach job offers from non-Colombian companies.

For whom is this course designed?

This course has ben designed for business leaders in Colombia (country managers and departmental heads) who [1] have a C1 level of English [2] carry out a majority of their work day in English, and [3] report directly to someone outside of Colombia.

This is not a business English course, and only those students who meet the three requirements listed above.   Students will have to go through an interview process in order to be admitted to the course.

Who is giving the course? 

The course will be given by a series of facilitators, each giving a two hour workshop on how business is done in their country.  Apart from this, students will also be practicing business presentations.

Currently Seeking Someone to Represent Business Culture in:

  1. USA
  2. China
  3. Japan
  4. Germany
  5. UK
  6. France
  7. India
  8. Canada

**If your country is not listed on this list, but you believe you could contribute to this course, please do not hesitate to contact.  These are the top-eight economies in the world, and is not an exhaustive list.  Ultimately, eight facilitators from different countries will be chosen.  No more than eight facilitators will be chosen.

What is expected from facilitators? 

1.) Be present at first session 

All facilitators must be present for the first session, which will be during a weeknight at a bar or restaurant likely in the Calle 93 or Zona G area in early April (approximately).  During this session, students will have 10-15 minutes of one-on-one time with each facilitator so that [1] students can be exposed to you and your culture [2] students can ask facilitators general questions about their culture so that [3] facilitators can know what kind of information that students are curious about in order to have content ideas for the workshop they will facilitate.

Food and drinks will be provided, and facilitators will be paid for their time.

  • Time: Two hours
  • Preparation: None

2.) Give a two hour workshop on doing business in your culture 

Following the first session, we will begin a series of workshops on Saturday mornings (either 8-10 am, or 9-11 am TBD) in Chapinero (near the Calle 53 Transmilenio).  Facilitators will have two hours during which they will give a powerpoint presentation with insights into their country’s business culture.

Projector and HDMI connection provided.

Before giving your presentation to students, you will be requested to go through your presentation in a web session with the course administrator.

  • In-Class Time: Two hours
  • Preparation:
    • Prepare a powerpoint presentation
    • Prepare 3-5 pages of written material explaining the main points made in your presentation
    • One web session to review your presentation and written materials with the course administrator approximately one week before your workshop

Schedule – Since each facilitator is giving one workshop, we will determine a Saturday that works both for your schedule and the course schedule.  Classes will not be held on holiday weekends.  The course will start as soon as eight candidates have been matriculated, approximately early April.  The course will end, approximately, in July.

Content – After the first session, you will have a good idea of what students want to know about your culture (and, as a person with experience both in Colombia and your culture, you will know what is most relevant to share).

Benefits to Facilitators 

  • Renumeration higher than market average – you will be compensated for your course time, time at the first session, preparation time and time web-session to preview your materials.
  • Networking – Network with high-level business professionals in Bogotá, and other teachers.
  • Learning – Feel free to join a session to learn about a culture different from your own!  Course is free for final facilitators.

Questions, Doubts, Comments?  Interested in collaborating as a facilitator?  Reach out!  Please use the following form to contact us, write or call Warren 321.288.4799 on whatsapp.  






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