Hiring Teachers in Bogotá

Seeking teachers to collaborate on a small-team of English teaching professionals. 

We are a group of three teachers working to deliver outstanding one-on-one Business English classes to motivated students who use English during the majority of their work-day.

Teachers are currently being recruited to deliver morning classes at a leading animal health company located in Titan Plaza (map).

Schedule: Classes begin at either 6:00 am, 7:30 am or 9:00 am, and are 90 minutes.  Generally, two classes are scheduled per day, but teachers should expect to have some days with either one or three classes.  Schedule varies depending on students’ travel schedules, but teachers can expect at least four classes (and as many as ten classes) during at least three weeks per month.  Schedule is always finalized before the start of the month.  Teachers should have no fewer than two mornings available each week.

Compensation: Above market-rate.  To be discussed in interview.

Materials: All materials are custom made by the Lead Teacher.  Approximately 80% of materials are provided, but teachers are responsible for some material creation, specifically for activities that focus on developing student fluency.

Start Date: First week of April, 2018

Candidate Requirements

This position is open to both teachers who come from native English-speaking countries, and those who do not.  Regardless of your background, be sure that you meet these requirements before applying:

  • At least two mornings per week available
  • Objective-based and communicative-oriented teaching
  • Must have a college degree
  • Must be TEFL/CELTA certified
  • Teaching experience preferred, but not necessary
  • Business background preferred, but not necessary
  • Ability to work independently, but to also collaborate and be a team-player
  • Valid Cédula de extranjería / Colombian visa
  • Local candidates: Valid IELTS 8 or 9 Bandscore

Application Instructions

Please send your CV attached to an email with some information on you and your teaching background to applications@warrenray.com.  Please be sure to include a Colombian phone number where you can be reached.  Please only apply if you meet the requirements written above.