Song of the Week: “Hey Love” by Charlie Whitten

Charlie Whitten

Charlie Whitten is a Folk-Rock Singer-Songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee (and a good friend of mine!)

Andrew Leahey writes that Charlie, having grown up in a time where grungy rock bands and teen idols ruled the airwaves, started looking back to musicians of the past, specifically the ’60s and ’70s.  Charlie calls this era “the golden age for songwriting… When songs seemed to be the real focus, and people reached outside of the box.”

This week’s Song of the Week is Hey Love, the title track from Charlie’s 2014 album.  Lehay writes that this concept album which is about searching for love “begins and ends with different sections of the same song.  Fashioned like bookends, the first half tells the story of a couple parting ways, each partner in search of something else.  In the second [half of the song, the reprise], they reconcile, knowing that things might not be perfect…but at least they’re real.”

Listen to the first half of the song and fill in the blanks.  A word bank has been provided for you.

Before you listen, there are a few words you should make sure you understand.  Do you know the meaning of these words?  If not, click on the word to read the full definition!

  • Woo (v) to try to make someone love you.
  • Take its toll (verb phrase) – for something to have a bad effect on something else.
  • Betterment (n) – similar to “improvement.”
  • Blame (v) – to say that someone is responsible for something bad that happened.
  • With Open Arms (expression, functions like an adverb) – in a very kind or friendly way.
Wordbank  Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.06.15 PM
Stay (2x)
Open arms
Things (4x)

Now listen to the second half of the song (the reprise).  What happens to the couple?


Joy short-lived he’s fed up with one night stands
Love spent loose lacks what he had in her hands
But it’s too late this time he’s gone too fast
He prays silently that her love may last
Takes the train and thinks about
All the time lost while running around
But little does this man know
That she’s home waiting for him to showHey love, I guess we’re here to stay
Stuck on opposite sides in the games that we play
Young hearts so unwilling to change
But we will go our way and soon we will see
The paths we took made this love meant to be
If you like Charlie’s music, be sure to like his Facebook fanpage so you can learn about new songs!  You can also find Charlie on or listen to music on his Bandcamp page.

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