Best Café Sólo in Barcelona

It took me 11 months, but I finally found the best coffee in Barcelona.  With 1.7 million people, and an opportunity for a café solo every 23 feet, it’s no wonder that it’s difficult!

Before they headed to Berlin to study German, two friends of mine from Belmont stopped by Barcelona.  Fortunately, they stumbled upon El Magnífico, a quite impressive coffeeshop with a location in Diagonal and El Borne.

What is it that makes El Magnífico different from other coffee shops in Barcelona?

First of all, you select your own beans.  Feeling like a smooth café solo?  Done.  Wanting a cortado with an intensive flavor?  No problem.  Wanting a cold tea with low caffeine?  Just tell the barista!

The Diagonal coffee shop has 35+ beans to choose from.  You can either tell the specialist what kind of taste you desire, or flip through the book with all the bean information.

After grinding just enough beans for my café solo, the barista kindly offered me the grinds so that I could enjoy the aromas.  Wonderful!  She then proceeded to pull a fantastic shot of espresso.

Secondly, the coffee in this shop follows fair trade regulations and sustainability codes.  Not only will your coffee taste good, but you’ll feel good drinking it!

But also, you’re supporting a mom-and-pop business.  This isn’t some Starbucks or Bracafé, this is a family business since 1919.  Read a bit about their history here.

Aside from their selection of coffees, El Magnífico also has a wide selection of teas.

El Magnífico has two locations:

Diagonal, 520 (Tel: 93 414 56 23)

Argenteria, 64 (Tel: 93 319 39 76)

In the C/Argenteria location, they roast their own beans.  The Barista at Diagonal told me it’s the nicer of the two shops.

More information available on their website

Diagonal Storefront
Diagonal Storefront

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