Weekend in Sevilla

A city that smells like oranges, with people singing in the street and terraces that seem to never close.

Last weekend I visited Sevilla with several other American students.  The warm weather, light wind and open terraces was an excellent escape from the chilly weather that has been in Barcelona.  Aside from that, it was excellent to be in Andalusía again.  Andalusía is where I decided to study Spanish.  I hadn’t been back in Andalusía since I last left almost three years ago, so it was nice to be reminded of some nostalgia: the gazpacho and paella, the way tapa and vino or cerveza are words that go together, and of course the notorious Andalusían accent!

Sevilla is a much different place from Barcelona, both the city and the history.  While Barcelona’s grid system makes it impossible to get lost, Sevilla’s numerous crissed-crossed streets wide enough for a person and a motorcycle spin together like a maze.

This street leads to a little plaza with a restaurant and terrace. You see the menu del día on the blackboard?

Travel to Sevilla, get around, and you’ll feel like a 3real Christopher Columbus!

White is the color of Andalusía.  You may have heard of the “White washed hills of Spain” before, and Sevilla is part of them.  One reason is natural air conditioning: the sun’s heat isn’t absorbed by the white walls.

Since it gets so hot during the summer (40-45C/105-113F) homes are built to withstand such temperatures.  In the next picture, you can see a home’s patio, the first level, which is used during summer.  The upper level is completely shut off and used during the winter.  If you know how to camp, living in Spain is no problem!

Later we went to El Alcázar, a royal palace which was originally a Moorish fort.

The Moors are famous for their fantastic architecture.  Geometrical and perfectly symmetrical, this is what math looks like.  While the interior was great, I was truly impressed with the castle’s gardens.

In the gardens, there were flocks of peacocks.  In Spanish they are called pavo real, royal turkey.  It makes sense for the royal turkeys to be chilling in the royal gardens ¿eh?

¡Me parece el REY de los PAVOS REALES!

Afterwards, we walked around to find a restaurant (my favorite activity!)  Fantastic food:

Gazpacho to start

followed by grilled baby squid and vegetables

One of my favorite things in Sevilla was eating outside.  We weren’t the only ones enjoying it, every terrace was packed!

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