Sunday Photos — Flamenco at El Palau de la Música

For me it was a bit strange watching flamenco in such a luxurious place.  The name, Palau de la Música, literally means “Palace of Music.”  Flamenco, which is principally Andalusian, was everywhere in Granada.  But it’s gypsy music!  The very first time I saw flamenco, in fact, was when a troupe of 4 gypsies came into a bar in Granada to dance Flamenco for tips.

This was my Flamenco experience: gypsies dancing in front of the cathedral

Constructed between 1905 and 1908, it’s one of Barcelona’s many modernist architectural masterpieces with a beautiful raindrop stained glass ceiling.

Palau de la Música

But I suppose every “low art” form can be made “high art” (maybe with exception to Nascar).  And high art it was; the dancers were fantastic.


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